Color: Periwinkle
Dec. 7, 2010
Song: "Sweet Thing" Rufus feat. Chaka Khan

Periwinkle IS a color.

It's youthful...playful...a youngin' hue.

Periwinkle makes you smile because it has the word 'wink' in it.

Periwinkle is...special.

Periwinkle doesn't follow rules. It follows itself...round and round...and round.
Making others fall...in line...behind...her.

Periwinkle is a shade of royalty. Queen wrapped loose in a light dusting of lavender. It's sets it's own tone. It moves in it's own time.

Periwinkle may seems light and free but it's complicated and deluxe.

Periwinkle is a child's giggle...
...and your lover's laugh during torture tickle.

Periwinkle is rollin' skatin' while holding her hands. She can skate...and fast! She be shootin' the duck and EVERYTHING!

Periwinkle is charming flower...
...country and an old soul with wise sayings only other old souls understand.

Periwinkle is a fantasy in flight...
...a wild dream over night.

Periwinkle seems sweet and coy,
...but in the cover of dark and in the shadows of night,

Periwinkle calls your name, "sweet" she moans...
...like she's grown and she is in her ways.

Periwinkle is delicate and touch...
...soft, smooth and rough.

Periwinkle is comfort.

Periwinkle is you, my dear.

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