Color: Aquamarine
Jan 18, 2011
Song: "Nature Boy" Pomplamoose

TDV & LOREN http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1650673260337

For my nephew, Loren Dennis, who turned TWO on December 19, 2010. We spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

Lil man had a Big day!
Two big bright eyes awake
And his face
The picture of love.
This is the dawn of the Terrible Deuces!

Awwww yeah...
He may be cute
Dimples deep
Angelic laugh...
But turn your back
Sneaky lil somebody
Is back in the kitchen
"Good Morning"
He says at 10pm
Stretching his arms up
To the sky high
And smirking
Knowing grandma is gonna scoop him up
And put him right back in bed.
Auntie laughs and is entertained
Does nothing to help
Wants to see how long this continues.

He's a little gentleman.
Charming to get his way.
"I want to help you"
He's figured out how to say
With his arms stretching up
To you high
Reaching desperately for you
Auntie grabs him
And holds him
And smiles.
Because you know he hasn't figured out the difference between
You and me.
He means
"I want You to help Me."
Pick me up
Give me love
But what he hasn't learned
What he doesn't know
Is that he's helped me too.

Welcome to your Terribly Delicious Twos.

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