Color: Brown
January 23, 2011
Song: "Chocolate Legs" Eric Benet

For my Crazy 8's

Bruised knuckles from knocking on closed hearts
He opened his doors
Wide with welcome
Come in.
Rest yourself.
Make yourself at home.

Earth tones echo
Warm hues of comfort envelope my homecoming.
I had forgotten his love.
I missed his strength.
Lift me
Carry me
Let me fall away free.

His skin
Pretty Brown
His arms
Soft firm bulk round
His face
Flawless Chocolate
His legs
Cocoa creamy silky smooth
His eyes
His lips
His fingertips
He gives my soul shelter

I rest
Lay quiet on his chest
Drifting peacefully on love's raft
Feeling his breath
Rise and fall
Like an easy sea
I float endlessly
Coltraine's A Love Supreme
Paying debt on a wet dream.
I am free.

Soft wood
Dark as the bed I lay on
Solid as the floor I pray on
Strong as the branch my swing sways on
Safe as the home base we played hide and seek on
You were built for me
And I for you.
I am home.

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