The Box 69: COPPER


Color: Copper
January 30, 2011
Song: "Call Tyrone" Erykah Badu

I have learned to live with Disappointment,
And now I am about to evict that bitch!

Oh yeah, this is an angry poem
'Cuz we done had our last fallen out.
We done had our final bout.
I'm about to put her usin' ass out.
Takin' up my precious time.
Hatin' on the joy I find.
Disappointment is of the lowdown kind.

I have learned to live with Disappointment.
And it's really my fault.
I let her overstay her welcome.
Gave her a nice home to fester.
And she ain't even go half on the electric.
I carried her ass like a bag of bricks
When all I needed to do was set her shit down
And walk away.

" what? just gon' be mad at me today?"
She said to me with a straight face!
I reply, "Nah...I'm not mad.
Freedom is joyful.
Happy, like me."
And then I showed ALL my teeth when I smiled with glee.

See, Disappointment knew how to visit,
And that was fine
Because it made me appreciate when
came visiting in these copper doors of mine.
Disappointment decided to take up residency
and my other friends refused to visit me.

So I'm makin' a choice, boo boo.
Pack up all yo shit
Your black plastic bag of clothes
Your Essence magazines from 1994
Your bottle with the corner of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill
that's been in the fridge for the last two weeks.
You have been moved out.
The door is closed
Chained and bolted
Locks changed
With new copper keys.
Landlord noted.

Disappointment doesn't live here anymore.

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  1. I love this. It made me laugh cause I have said it. "Nigga leave" as I flung his cloroxed clothes down the stairs. Yup.

  2. LMAOOOO!!! Not the CLOROXED clothes?!!! LMAOOO...that just tickled me...

    Thank you for reading!!


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