Color: Gold
Feb. 22, 1998
Song: "Golden" Jill Scott

Scraping sides of a gold cylinder in the light’s shadow
is how my body spends eternity.
I am among colorful shards of glass
in a glorious kaleidoscope.
My children will forever look inside
and see me
shining brilliantly in the sun’s shine.
Held in both hands
cared for with love
and admiration
and wonder.
I never repeat my form.
A new design with every turn
to amaze the eye
and feed the will.
This is my life long after I’m gone.

The little girl picks up the kaleidoscope.
Turns the tubes.
The visions of my life
in her eyes
are of her own self
being reinvented
before it starts.
She looks into her own life through a toy.
A toy of a brilliant design.
The toy that contains her legacy.
The ashes that contain all the colors of the universe.
The universe contains her brilliance…

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