Color: Indian Red
July 17, 2010
Song: "Little Warm Death" Cassandra Wilson

(Told you I wanted a rematch... ;-) )
For the one who reads the Atlanta Journal - Constitution from the one who gets the Los Angeles Times on a Sunday Morning.

Sitting across the room
Soft breeze in from the south
Blowing pass my Sunday Paper.

I'm Reading
Smiling at the news of love
Headlining my Sunday Paper.

Sipping on your tea
Me and my coffee
Meet up for a date
After a long week and wait
But no talk
just silence
Sharing peace over the Sunday Paper.

Funnies in color
Wedding and War photos litter my pages
Notices of birth
Of death.
Earth spinning outside my window
But I only need look across the room
To see my world
Answering the riddle
And Red
All over me.
Reading, lovingly, my Sunday Paper.

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