Color: Magenta
January 24, 2011
Song: "Beautiful Flower" India Arie

For my niece, Cordasia Henderson...the one we call Bird...

Horses jump
And the Magic Magenta Bird flies.
The quiet one
Surrounds herself with books in seclusion
Taking care of the younger ones.
Her look tells me she has sweet secrets.
I won't dare ask
Just glad they make her smile
When she thinks no one is looking.

She mounts
Boots knee high
Horse dark and brown
Like her.
She's marveled at because she's the only one
Until she rides.
Then it doesn't matter
Because the Magic Magenta Bird flies
Takes hold
Takes charge
Is in control.
All belongs to her.

Nearly 16
But an old soul
The Magic Magenta Bird flies
On Pegasus
Wings high.
She's a superhero
With two sides.
One's rather shy
The other soars
I'm so proud of my niece
Seeing the world from a view we've never known.
Old girl is fly.
She's on a horse.

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