Color: Yellow Orange
January 30, 2011
Song: "I'll Write A Song For You" Earth, Wind, and Fire

The yellow sun rises in the east
Crawls in my window
Dances over your face
On the right
Lighting you perfectly
Painting you in amber and gold.

I sit up
And gaze.
Melt soft in love.
You are my muse.

I reach for my pen
And journal
And overwhelmed with awed inspiration
I create.
I indulge.
I consume your quiet beauty
And with words I could never speak
I write.

The sun sets to the west
Resting perfectly on you
On the left
Shading you calmly with orange, purple and blues.

The beach breeze draws us closer together
Watching the sea rise and fall
The breaking waves silent
Against my heart's rushing roar
I pull a folded note from my pocket
this morning's musing
Read softly,

"I wanna take a picture of you...
And then make it move.
I wanna record a single sigh...
And then make it the blues.
I wanna paint a single stroke...
And then make it a mural.
I want to write your name on paper...
And then make it the news.
And at the end of all this art,
When my personal exhibit is done,
And on display in my heart,
Please sign,
"Love, Your Muse."

I wonder what she will inspire

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