Color: Indigo
February 6, 2011
Song: "Tarot" Cassandra Wilson

What does it all mean?
All these colors?
These symbols?
These signs?
It's all so busy
While I'm trying to be simple
And speak plainly.
I can't read minds.
I can't read tea leaves
Or bones
Or stones.

I read lips when they move, "I love you."
I read heart thumbs like morse code
Dashes and hashes made from you taking my breath away.
I read fingertips across your body
Braille to the my blindness
Not wanting to see
The truth.

What does it all mean, lady,
When you turn over precious pocket art
and tell me about me?
When you point to the stars
and show me to me?
When you cradle the moon
and deliver me to me
in hard crashing high tides
and low rolling swoons?

And by the time the sun rises,
The reading is over.
My indigo mood long left me walking home
Soul touching the bottom of the ocean
Swimming about
Seeking light
Faintly up
Faintly there.

Then, my heart expands.
I float
Rising far beyond uncertainty
And my indigo blues.
And I am ok.

I go back to the lady
With the cards
Sit before her
The cards are different
because I am different.
I'm in a different indigo mood today.
I'm in the shallow end
Where it ain't that deep.
I stay
And pay my coins
Because I enjoy her company.

And by the time the sun sets,
the reading is over.
I feel new arms envelop
And engulf me
In love
I look down
And find
They are my own.

I guess it wasn't in the cards for us.

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