The Box 69: DENIM

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Color: Denim
March 6, 2011
Song: "Comfortable" John Mayer

Stacked among the many
Not special
The everyday
Pulled for comfort
Kept even when they no longer fit
Trying on many
Sizing up your best choice.
Do I go lipstick tight
Baggy butch?

The right fit hugs close
No room for company
Easy afternoon
Cotton stretch over your body
Cool jealousy course through me
Watching from the pile.

You put me on.
You take me off.
You put me away.
Back again when you're in the mood
that day.
Faded but favorite.

One day a box showed up
And I was sent off with the old tees
The shorts from too many summers ago
And the lamp that has a short in the wire
Checking all the pockets
Careful not to leave a sign that you were ever here.
And you found none.
The only thing in your back pocket is more denim.

Good...Will someone else want me?
Surely they will...good.
Love me like new
The wear and tear at the hip
The strip and shred at the knee
The pulled back pocket with the random threads
All the history that makes me unique
And a lovely fit.
A Perfect match for my next lover of comfort.

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