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Color: Fuzzy Wuzzy
March 20, 2011
Song: "I Am Not My Hair" India.Aire feat. Akon

Things I usually hear after a new hair cut clean:

" MUST be from the EAST coast. I don't see too many West coast women doing...that."
- Guys who think they know ALL West coast women.

- Oh...and it won't matter that I'm wearing large hoop earrings and rockin' a 40 DD!

- Typically from always with love...and a chuckle.

"What did you DO to your hair?"
- I usually want to respond, "What did YOU do to yours?!"

"Can I touch it?"
- White women at the club.

"Can I rub it?"
- Black women at the club.

"Well, at least you have a good head for that..."
- Women WANTING to make a change but afraid...too worried they may have, in their own opinion, an odd shaped head...or a hook...or something.

"Don't you miss your hair?"
- My reply is usually, "It's just hair. It'll grow back." If they rebut, and they usually do, "What if it doesn't?" Then I follow, "Well then, I guess I'm happy. No more trips to the barber FOR THE SAME LOOK I CHOSE TO HAVE!"

Buzz of the clipper
Take away
History catch kink
Wipe the slate clean
And start again
I can't be weighted down
At the top
From the top
With bad choice
Wrong voices
And ill taken turns
I have to wash it away
Let the strays fall
Into the drain
And start again
For me

I'm not locked to my locks.
I'm not locked to my look.
I'm not locked to your look.
I'm not locked to locked ideas of beauty.
I am free to do me...clean.

And yes, I have a great head
for this...
and everything else I choose.

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