The Box 69: SHAMROCK

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Color: Shamrock
October 11, 2010
Song: "Touch A Four Leaf Clover" Atlantic Starr

The Picture of Poetry. The Promise of Prose.

Lucky...or Unlucky in Love

Will ya look at that?
I musta slipped
and fell in love.
Done got on my good shirt
Got a spot on my new skirt
And it ain't comin' out.
I gotta change and let it soak
Before it set
And stain.

Mindin' my own business
Walkin' my own way
Steppin' too close to the edge
Love got splashed on me
Baptizin' me clean of Saturday night
Drippin' from my Sunday suit.
And this shit is new!
Back to the square one...again.

I got bumped by you
Hot pot of brew
At the spot where words come to life
And I'm clean
Fresh, crisp creased pair of jeans
And here you come...clumsy
Up to the mic
Fitna spill your love all over me
Fixin ta soak me in your beauty

And You don't miss
I can't dodge your flow
You're the picture of poetry
Snapped quick with flash
Here today in short form
Gone tomorrow in a line or two.
I want the promise of prose
Long stretches of painted portraits
I want a life of turnin' pages
With you.
You leave me drenched
Baptized clean.
I done slipped and fell in love
Drown in you.

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