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Color: Tumbleweed
May 27, 1998
Song: "Window Seat" Erykah Badu

Nothing Else To Do With Time

The cat can’t make up her mind.
“Do I sit in this window or not?”
I think she has a favorite window.
I thought she had a favorite window.
A window to the world.
Filled with questions she can’t answer.
Answers she is so desperate to know.
Knowing is everything to her
Because it is control.
Control is definite power.
Power is definitely dangerous.
But danger isn’t what worries her.
She has done some dangerous things.
She likes jumping from high places.
The bottom is somewhere below
but she doesn’t know it.
She thinks she can fly.
No wings.
Eats her weight
so she can get heavier
and heavier
wallow and roll
in happiness
in joy
and then light.
A bright light.
A sign really…
that speaks
to her.
It has her name written all over it.
It’s her light.
Her height.
Her flight.
Her world
from inside her window.

She just can’t decide which window to sit in.
The beauty of choice...
...and time.

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