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Color: Royal Purple
April 1, 2011
Song: "A Song For You" Donny Hathaway

For my Renaissance Brotha, John H. Gordon

Kings are found in different forms.
Mine found me
In my college dorm.
First day
Freshmen year
At the school of purple and gold.
Big smile
Sittin' on my bed
When I walk into my room.
I returned the favor...
And he still won't let me forget.

Kings lead.
Subjects follow.
This king
Sings to his kingdom
And we bask in the beauty of his lullaby.
We celebrate the power of his voice.
We love this leader of love
And listen.

My friend,
Is a king...
This deacon of funk.
I fell in love
With my friend
This king...
When he stood in my freshmen dorm
And said,
When he stood in my living room
And said,
"Me too."...
When he grabbed me by my pants
On the three story escalators
In the world trade center
And save my life...
When he carried
My drunk ass
From the village to Newark...NEW JERSEY
When he sat in the car,
Because he didn't...
And I did.
When every time my heart broke
His voice healed.

This king,
Often among queens,
My renaissance brotha,
Moves me
To create...
Inspires me
To be bold...
To live my life
Amplified and mic'ed up.
We are loud
And we love it.
Rainbows bend over us
Resounding triangles chimes delight
When he sings...
When he laughs...
When he smiles.
My friend
Is a king...
And i will follow his voice...
His love...

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