The Box 69: SCARLET

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Color: Scarlet
October 19, 2008
Song: "Come Back To Bed" Nate Smith feat. John Gordon

Good morning my one and only.
I woke up reaching for you
and you were already gone.
Why leave me so early?
Why move so fast away from me?
Why leave just your memory
and take the rest of you
with you?
Here's the thing about you being my one and only...
when you leave,
I am one...
and lonely.
Come back to bed.

SN: Nate and John are two, long time friends of mine and I want to thank them for letting me use "Come Back To Bed". If you love this song, and I KNOW you do, PLEASE support both of these artists...get BOTH of their albums, available on iTunes.

Nate Smith's "Workday, Waterbaby Music, Vol. 1.0 on iTunes (

John Gordon's "Soul.Funk.Drunk.Love" on iTunes (

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