The Box 69: SKY BLUE

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Color: Sky Blue
July 27, 2001
Song: "Butterflies Kisses" Goapele

I don’t feel like talking anymore.
I don’t feel like speaking words
Made for misunderstanding
I don’t feel like saying sweet things
To make you feel sweet.
I don’t feel like it.
I don’t feel like doing anything
But sensing you
With my senses.
No thinking
Just feeling.
Don’t feel like doing anything else.
Don’t feel like saying
I love you.
Sound ain’t forever.
Feeling love is forever.
You won’t remember
What I sounded like
When I said it
You will remember
What it felt like.
When you felt it…
If you felt it…
I have a feeling you did.

And still I lay here
Wanting to write
Something profound
Something so delicious
It squirts in my mouth
Full taste
Full touch
On my tongue
Replacing words
Not fit for the moment
And it is her they wish they could describe.
Words envious of her being
Being no way used to her being.
She is reduced
And magnified
To a sound
A simple vibration
That is felt
And heard
No words
No room for pretentious education
In the form of
Useless vocabulary of the clever
And lonely

The loved needs no degree
No diploma
No certificate
Of approval
Of acceptance
Need no validation
No recommendation
No words are even in this poem.

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