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Color: Spring Green
April 8, 2011
Song: "Anytime Anyplace" Janet Jackson

Farm Queens and Mountain Women
For my sweet friend, Carla (Carlita Josephina) Houser!

Wild and loose and free
Fall 1993.
Across the room
Beneath a dim light
I saw nothing but shadows
Except her.
This Farm Queen smiled
Illuminating the Mountain Woman's darkness.
While everything around us was dying
Turning shades of burnt orange
And vivid violet
In death,
She gave me spring green
Life and Love.

Bitter cold
Winter 1993
The wind blows blizzard.
Face freezes up
Cracks up
And falls off
Running from Gibbons to the library.
It's too cold to linger
And yet
The Farm Queen and the Mountain Woman walked
All the way to Anthony Seeger
From Mrs Greens in Chandler
Just to have longer with each other
Branches barely hold from the ice and snow
But love is budding bold in spring green.

Time to leave
And leaves arrive
Spring 1994
My time in the valley was nearing an end
She nearing the end of the beginning again.
The Mountain Woman was Cali bound.
The Farm Queen Holding close
Not to let go
Love was being tested
Will it hold in the spring rains
Of distance and parting.
Spring green love is born of rain
And grows.

Breeze is no ease.
Summer 1994
She is coming my way
The Farm Queen packed light
Bringing only
The scent of honey sickles
And fresh cut grass
And a curiosity larger than the city limits of home.
Angels brings temptations
And the queen's spring green
Wilts a bit in the sun.

The seasons continued on
The love flourished and thrived
All the harsh winters
All the dying falls
And the simmering summers.
It is the return of spring
The rebirth of the earth
That reminds the Mountain Woman and her Farm Queen
Of their
And undying

Not ever the end
But always a beginning

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