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Color: Vivid Violet
November 2, 2000
Song: "Lady In My Life" Michael Jackson

From Sao Paulo…Good Night

In the Sao Paulo sky
I see a star
Resting over my home.

There waits a woman
Who longs for a different light
Still beauty on sight
I can see her in my blindness
And desire to be with her.

Making blue into light
Is love into destiny
By her I see
Forever azure
And indigo
And pearls
Shades of happiness.
She is sweetness
Held over in the shell of bitterness
Held hurt in a cup for sipping
She drinks fully all her own.
Time to kiss
With the coolness
Of her wet tongue.
I feel her glide
On my back
And breast
And nipple
And sensitive all points are to the touch.

Her smell calls me to feast
And she is the table of abundance
And dance
From feet
To knee
To thigh
To hip
To stomach
To ache
And throb
From her heart
And temple
To tomb
In her womb
Is warmth
In her breathe
And her sigh
When she is high
And ready
My hand steady
And slide
Appear and hide
In her love
And then the top cums
And fades in her sleep
Through the night
And fades into day
The morning
The star is away
But the love says she is there.
I long to see her there
But the star keeps her
Until I return to her.
From Sao Paulo I can see her
And say
Good Night.

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